Save time managing your sports team

We automatically send out game invitations and collect replies from your players.
It's like having a personal assistant for your team!

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Simpler Sport minimizes the work you need to do.

You give us your roster and schedule, then we:

  • Send game invites
  • Send reminders to anyone who doesn't reply
  • Give you a 'smart alert' if you don't have enough replies
  • Send a game preview to everyone who is playing
There's nothing to download and no logins to remember for your players!

What Does Simpler Sport Do?

From scheduling to payments, we take care of your most frequent tasks, saving your time.



Download game details to your phone or desktop calendar, including map directions.



Keep all player contact details in one place, or download to your phone's address book.



At-a-glance view of player availability, with fast filtering by status for each game.


Smart Alerts

Get notified the day before your game if you don't have enough players - no last-minute scrambling for backups.



Players are automatically updated with any date, time, or venue changes.



Send payment requests, track player payments, and send reminders to late payers.

Let Us Do The Work

We've taken decades of team organizing experience and simplified it
down to four key steps that we take care of - so you don't have to.


Game Invites

Up to five days before each game, we'll text or email your players to let them know game details - and ask them to confirm attendance.



We follow up with anyone not replying, and you can quickly send them a short 'ping' message too.


Coach Alerts

You get a smart alert if you're going to be short, so you can call for backups ahead of time. Make sure you have the right number of players for every game!


Player Previews

On game day, everyone gets confirmation of the time and place, and the roster for the game. No last-minute calls or texts from confused players!

Players and Coaches Love Simpler Sport

Coaches love us, but so do players!

Because we don't ask them to download an app or remember another password.

Rachel, Brooklyn

"The ladies all love it! Especially not having to log in."

Rachel uses Simpler Sport to organize weekly social soccer matches among a group of friends.

Tim, Boston

"I really miss spending hours every week updating my spreadsheet!"

Tim was using a Google Spreadsheet to manually track games and payments - now that's all gone.

Jules, New York

"I'm loving Simpler Sport. Can I use it for my co-ed team?"

Jules played on a team using Simpler Sport. He liked it so much he now uses it for the co-ed softball he runs!

The Simpler Sport Advantage

We've used our decades of experience to minimize the work for you, the busy coach, and make life easier for your players, too.

Try it today and see how much Simpler can we make your Sport!

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